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My Poetry – a working draft “Gutter Dam”

This particular draft is very rough, in fact… I already have several ideas on where it’s headed. As an example of how this works, I’m going to post up a later revision of this poem in a week or two to show the progress. I hope you enjoy this for what it is.

Combat Steve

Gutter Dam
by Stephen Recker

When I was younger, and it would rain,
I would go out to the curb,
rain jacket put on with misaligned buttons, and try
to build a dam to stop the water flowing by.
First, the mud would just wash away.
I learned to add sticks and rocks to strengthen it,
but all it would do would be to slow it down
before it rose and went around the side.


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2 thoughts on “My Poetry – a working draft “Gutter Dam”

  1. I liked this one. Looking forward to the next revision.

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