Real Poetry

reviews, tips, and personal/local writing


Hi, I’m Stephen, an avid reader and writer.

I started this blog over a year ago now in January of 2012.  It began as a way for me to share reviews for contemporary collections of poetry as well as share some of my own creative work.  Since beginning the blog though, I’ve felt the need to expand my field of view.  This is mainly because I felt limited.  To put it simply, I was having ideas for what I wanted to write about and share, but felt like it didn’t strictly fall under the heading of “poetry” that this blog was started under.

Thus, I am revamping and redefining what this blog is about.  I want to write and share whatever strikes me to you and everyone else out there.  I hope you get something out of this blog and maybe it helps to brighten up the day or week for you.  If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment below.

Stephen R.

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