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Comics… You Heard Me

Justice League #1

Better than Avengers… yeah, I said it. ūüėČ

Hello hello everyone,

Today I’ve decided to write a little bit about a form of reading I’ve more recently taken a liking to: reading comics. Now in the past I’ve read a few graphic novels. Most noticeably Watchmen before the movie came out as well as some Batman novels that a friend or two suggested.

In the past year, however, I’ve started to read current comics. For myself, this means the DC world: Batman, Justice League, even a little Green Lantern (a super hero I’d never been interested in in the past). But my reading has extended a little further to also include the Image comic Saga, among others. It’s got more adult scenes and graphic depictions, but if you’re old enough it is a really fun and exciting read.

Yeah... lots of weird aliens.  I highly recommend it.

Yeah… lots of weird aliens. I highly recommend it.

And I think that last comment is the core of what reading a comic is for me. In simplest terms, reading a comic is like watching an episode of a TV show. Though possibly another good comparison would be to the serialized novels Dickens wrote in his time, or an amalgamation of both. Regardless, it’s something that takes 15-20 minutes to read, usually has jam packed action, beautiful artwork, and, in the case of the current Scott Snyder run of Batman, can be very well written and exciting to follow. It’s a bit of an addiction for me at this point.

Creepy, haunting, and yet oh so beautiful

Creepy, haunting, and yet oh so beautiful

If you haven’t noticed yet from the deluge of pictures in today’s post, I really do like comics. ¬†If you have even a slight interest I would highly recommend you pick some up and give it a try. ¬†I myself am a digital consumer through my iPad. ¬†And with most comics costing a mere $2 an issue and issues releasing only once a month it’s not that expensive of a hobby.

Anyway, do any of you have a series of comics you like to read? Anyone never read any and want a suggestion as to where to start?

Maybe you think I’m crazy and have no basis to write about comics here?

Too bad on the last one :P. Because things are changing, and reading comics is a much larger part of my reading than it used to be… So you can undoubtedly expect a little more in the future.

Anyway, sound off in the comments below, and I hope your week is going splendidly,

Stephen R.

That’s Right, Still Here


Heeeelllo everyone,

It’s such a beautiful morning, and I just recently finished reading one of the books on my list, Zoli. So I thought I’d share an excerpt that I liked enough to underline and write a reminder to share.

“Str√°nsky once wrote that only when a man dies can his life acquire a beginning, middle, and an end: up until then we are constantly unfinished, even the midpoint cannot be located. So only the final word finds the middle word and this, in a way, becomes a verse—one’s death explains oneself.”
-Colum McCann

Again, I hope you all are doing and continue to do well,

Stephen R.

For Dr. Becker: Steve’s Current Read – Parzival

Hello there everyone,

It seems like it was just the other day I was writing that remembrance for Dr. Shirley, and now another amazing professor of mine, Dr. Harald Becker, has passed after a recent battle with cancer. ¬†He was a person with a passion for German heritage and literature, and he strived to help students see just how important everything he taught was in regards to life and living. ¬†The class I took with him was completely dedicated to just reading the German novel¬†Parzival¬†by Wolfram von Eschenbach. ¬†It’s a sad thing to have two such amazing people pass over the past month.

A photo of Dr. Harald Becker's Parzival class all in Parzival red

I was considering starting an official post in regards to what I’m reading at the time, not specifically poetry but whatever book I’m reading. ¬†I actually have several in my stack of current reading, but I decided to pull¬†Parzival off the shelf and give it another read through in light of Dr. Becker’s passing.

I want to include a short passage from a later section in the book:

Excerpt from Book XVI

Now Anfortas received these two joyously, and yet with signs of suffering. ¬†He said, “I have bided in misery for you to come and make me glad. You left me before in such a way that, if you are sincere about helping me, you must regret. If ever praise was spoken of you, then prevail upon the knights and maidens here to give me death and let my agony end! If your name is Parzival, keep me from the sight of the Grail for seven nights and eight days, and then all my lamentations will cease. I do not dare give you any further hint. Blessing upon you if help is reported of you!– Your companion is a stranger here: I cannot have him standing before me. Why do you not allow him to go and rest?”

All in tears then, Parzival said, “Tell me where the Grail is kept here. If God’s goodness triumphs in me, this throng of people shall be witness to it.”

Then, facing in that direction, he genuflected thrice in honor of the Trinity, praying that help might be vouchsafed for this sorrowful man’s pain of heart. He rose to his feet again and said, “Uncle, what is it that troubles you?”

He, Who for Saint Sylvester’s sake brought a bullock back to life from the dead, and Who bade Lazarus rise, the Same gave help that Anfortas was healed and made well again.

Rest in Peace Dr. Becker and may whatever ails you be made well,

Stephen R.

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