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My Poetry – Order

Apologies for not having this out last night as I had planned.  I hope everyone’s week is going splendidly.

photo of desk

by Stephen Recker

Letters, rough drafts of poetry, and old papers
litter the desktop, with crinkled love letters
from an ex buried within.

My book she sent back in the mail
lies unopened on top of the shelf.
The terse note asking for her book still lays,
perfectly creased on the floor,
where I’ve been careful
not to tread.


Aphorism Challenge – Week 1

So I’ve been writing an aphorism every morning now for a week.  From what I’ve written so far I feel optimistic for it helping with my habit of writing down now.  Anyway, here’s my favorite one from the week:

Photo courtesy of Cory Hahn

Reading a good book is like a summer fling.  It’s hard to slow down, and it’s over before you know it.
– Stephen Recker

My Poetry – Sand Castle

I’m going to try and make a habit of posting up some of my own poetry sporadically within this blog, to help fill the void between book reviews.  This poem “Sand Castle” I think is fairly self explanatory.  Hope you enjoy.

Sand Castle
by Stephen Recker

and suntan lotion
sting my eyes as I look out at
the somber, constant pulse
reaching out to dissolve
my sand castle.

Half the base is gone,
barely holding up the teetering tower.
I want to save it,
but before I can move

Dad picks me up,
carries me out,
and puts me
into the water.
I have to jump to stay above the waves,
glimpsing the tower as it reflects
the greens and browns of the sea glass
windows as the sun

I struggle closer to shore and see,
in a moment, what remains of the tower,
a grim husk,
before I’m slapped down.

My head smacks the sand, my ears ring,
I swallow the brine, choke, and vomit.
When I look up,
between heaves,
the castle is gone.

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