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Update on Blog Content

Hey all you budding poets/lovers of poetry out there,

I apologize for the sparse updates over the past month, but I’ve been nearing my graduation from college and that has taken center stage for my life at the moment.  I recently finished presenting my Honors Thesis at a symposium for my school.  It was entitled “Poetry: A Practice in Revision” and involved a rather lengthy (for me) discussion of my work on poetry throughout this semester.  I received a lot of positive feedback after the presentation and Q&A were finished, and it gave me several ideas for potential tips for the blog.

Now, as I’ll be graduating in a little under two weeks, I am going to be putting more updates on the blog soon.  So I hope you can make do till then.  If you have anything you’d like to see on the blog (a new segment, more of an old segment, etc.) just comment on this post and let me know.

Goodbye for now,

Stephen Recker

p.s. I took the above picture while hiking in the woods behind my school.  This was the only flower blooming in a large cactus patch.  Thought I’d share the image with you all.

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