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Aphorism Challenge – Week 2

So another week of morning aphorisms and I managed to write down at least one that I felt worthy enough to share with the world.  I am hoping to remain more on schedule this next week, but I do have a number of assignments to work on so I’ll try to keep optimistic.

I trust everyone out there has had a wonderful weekend and maybe this brief poem will help you kick off the next week.

Photo courtesy of Cory Hahn

You can’t always look both ways before crossing the street.  Sometimes you’ve got to just cross your fingers and hope for the best.
– Stephen Recker

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2 thoughts on “Aphorism Challenge – Week 2

  1. Haha. With life that works, but with crossing streets it isn’t that tough to look both ways. Correct?

    Anywho, good to find a fellow aphorist fellow. 🙂

    • Haha, well I suppose I was relying on everyone understanding it as a metaphor. I hope no one has decided to stop looking both ways when literally crossing the street.

      It’s nice to meet you as well.

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